Thursday, July 31, 2008


What happens when your coworker who's relatively new to the working world and PR comes to work and tells you that they want to get our Franz Bakery client on the Food Network's Unwrapped show?....You get really excited and treat them to a hot pink recorder at New Seasons (and that's Brittney with the cool blue recorder...she also got one because she totally rocks too!).

This is not just about Franz and this big time show. This is about scouting out opportunities for your clients all the matter what you're reading, watching, surfing, etc...most PR newbie just do what other people tell them, but when you're smart and start to get experience under your belt you start coming up with the ideas and telling your account managers what is up. Too many account coordinators are lazy and just blow through there to do lists to they can cross shit off their list. And guess what!?!...They do crappy work.

I'm SO proud of everyone on R/West's PR team because they are better than that. They think big and go big which is why this little four person PR department does big things for our clients. Stay tuned on the Unwrapped success. There is a pair of fancy new designer jeans in it for Kendall if she lands this...I should probably say WHEN she lands this because she's already got a feature in Sunset Magazine in the works...and she can play the Jaws theme song on her new recorder out for this one!

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