Thursday, July 10, 2008

tiger beat

our favorite magazine to date...

hands down goes to tiger beat.

we realize that is a huge statement to make considering we are in pr and spend our lives reading magazines. i'm pretty sure we would all agree that we are suckers for the celebrity dramas in the us weekly and in touch...can't get enough of the fancy dresses and adorable accessories in the latest instyle...but here at the r/west us pr girls do the happy dance when the monthly issue of tiger beat is found sitting in kendall's mailbox.

and mostly because of the part that is called the "omgs"

let us tell you about these.

the "omgs" mean that we all sit around and listen to heather read to us.

if you don't know about the "omgs" well pick up the next issue of it and learn about them...cause they are awesome...also learn about game factory nintendo ds give-a-ways. and how heather's awesomeness got the jonas brothers to sign a pink nintendo ds and have them do a give-a-way with game factory's strawberry shortcake ds game!

keep your eyes open for selena gomez and the give-a-way coming up with game factory's build-a-bear nintendo ds game!

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