Friday, May 23, 2008


So this week was a packed one for the R/West PR department.

On Monday, we had our usual client meetings and email extravaganza (seriously, does anyone keep up on their Google Alerts and Media Post newsletters over the weekend? If so, please share your secret...)

But the coolest thing about Monday was that we got to go "behind the scenes" at Franz Bakery. Check out the hotness that is JulieAnna, Kendall and Brittney in our super cute hairnets and glowing faces (more about that in a sec.)

So after learning that Franz is one of only 7 companies in Portland that are more than 100 years old (pop quiz: can anyone name the other 6?), we got to see where the magic happens. And let me tell y'all that boy does that magic happen @ Franz.

First, they have this thing called the Bun Highway. It reminded me of a really cool train set, except instead of trains there are just buns whizzing by at super high speeds (not like Speedracer fast, but more like Brittney behind the wheel fast...)

They make all kinds of buns for most fastfood restaurants in the Northwest...Wendy's and Burger King to name a few (our fave is Burgerville...shout out to former R/West client and long-lost love!) Fact: each restaurant has their own recipe and the "bun bakers" at Franz have to memorize each one. Tough stuff. They make this mixture called a "sponge" first, which is like flour, water and shortening (don't quote me on that) and then they add in the "secret ingredients." Basically, it's a lot harder than I thought to make buns. Who knew?

Of course, the best buns are the Franz label ones...they don't have high fructose corn syrup and they're just generally healthier for you. Way less gluten...

So thanks for catching up on Franz with us. We think they're super cool. And they are really nice and their bakery smells yummy. And you can get really cheap bread at their outlet stores (check it.)

Stay tuned for more "behind the scenes" action in an upcoming segment on KPTV's On the Go with Joe V. Who else likes to get up at 5 a.m. cuz we do!

Oh and last but not least, go to Franz's Web site and enter the "Grilling Days" giveaways... we wrote a super fancy press release on it. Read about it.

And get ready for some major bun action on May 28...National Hamburger Day (hollah!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

a special day

today is a special day. well technically it was yesterday...but that's fine cause the celebration is today...but today's celebration marks the fact that i have officially been at r/west for over a year now...that's right people a whole year!

to commemorate this special day (and the fact that the fabulous pr department is now one year old) here is a list of 12 of my favorite best memories that have made this one fabulous special -- and for lack of better words (or for lack of keeping this blog appropriate...) -- memorable year!

(12 memories...for 12 months of gorgeousness)

1. my very first day. i was unaware we had a parking lot, unaware that if you show up before 830 you need an elevator little pass thingy, unaware that the third floor door is never unlocked from the stairwell and unaware that i was the only employee in the pr department. it was fine though i had graduated with a degree in history and a minor in theology the day before so that basically means i can run a pr department by myself. after a successful 5 hour day in the office using a login from the previous pr intern to get internet access and do important facebook messaging to my friends telling them about how i had no clue what i was even doing with anything, i went down to my car to find a $25 parking pass on my windshield...had i left work two hours sooner not only would i have avoided the parking ticket, i would have saved myself money (as what i was paid for that two hours didn't even cover my expenses) -- and i would have been able to work out.

2. my first random lunch wednesday. esparza's tex mex off of burnside. that was also the day i had my first shot of patron silver. at 12:14 in the afternoon. with my co-workers i had just met 14 days prior. at my first real job ever. weird? was weird. also peter bought a blue eight-track cassette tape at a junk store down the street. i didn't know who peter even was at the time but that was also weird to me...mostly the only thing i knew was i wanted to make a good impression and that meant salt the lime, throw it back and secretly take short quick breaths to avoid throwing up the $18 shot sean had just bought me.

3. heather's first least according to was suppose to be in june. i dressed nice everyday for 17 days straight. until i ran out of nice clothes (in hopes of making a good impression) she didn't end up starting till sometime late in july. the day she started i was wearing cut off sweats.

4. working hard riding rides

and truly one of the best days cause it was one of heather and i's first bonding days :) see? i loved her from the start!

5. my first time at bridgeport brewery...hop harvest bottling. i will admit that drinking beer at work is pretty awesome. it probably would have been inappropriate to drink beer while teaching this day was also one of the days that was an indicator that i had chosen the correct career path.

6. kickball. we were basically fabulous. one time i blogged about our fabulousness that was recess time so if you want to read about our team you can go here recess time blog but basically this was us:

this picture is hard to see our here is a close up:

7: the day of franz. where i learned about the capacity of volkeswagon bugs and also that it is physically impossible to eat two slices of franz white bread in two minutes...(for all of you who take challenges seriously...then i dare you. try really is impossible! r/west didn't believe it so pr team held a challenge...we had a prize package with money and beer and game factory nintendo games and bbq sauce...and even for all of those prizes not one person could do it!)

8. the day burger king came to visit.

for everyone that didn't meet him. ask to see the video of the king's trip to the local burger king. hilarious amazing and awesome filming done by non other than john gentle...r/west does halloween right.

9. the day i spent $600 at nike and all i had to do was name drop my name. that's like how famous people do it i think. probably famous people then come back to their work and place dress up too...

10. the day julieanna started. also the day i got my second parking ticket. this day was great because we were both sick--hence the parking fever made me delirious or something and i forgot about paying the meter (?) when i took her to mothers bistro for lunch. julieanna had stomach flu. i had strep throat. we both left early. (heather was still gone in new york) and the pr department started the year off strong with no one in the office for the first week.

11. one word. < mint >

12. my favorite bestest bests! and the most fabulous party ever planned.
drinks. wigs. drinks. fancy glasses. drinks. photobooths. drinks. dj evil. drinks. cupcakes. drinks.

oh and drinks.

so many not enough time to write about them. happy one year anniversary!! my work is fabulous :) and so are the three lovely ladies i work with.
heather - who has taught me everything i know about everything! i love her to death. and i'm pretty sure if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have the amazing job that i have. (and trust me it is important to have a job you love because when you are in the same place for 8 hours a day it's important to like what you do!)
julieanna - who cracks me up, teaches me more than i could ever possibly think there was to know about social media &celebrity gossip, and she sings me "bleeding love"
brittney - i have a feeling the one who will turn me into a camper.