Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a moment of silence

let's take a moment of silence.
and now if i had a champagne glass a spoon and a chair i would be playing the game where you stand on the chair, ding the glass, clear your throat and say...

"excuse me i have an announcement to make...

today heather finished the world's largest amx expense report ever"

...and once again the pr department brings it home with its fabulous bitchassness in the world of organization. loves it.

"gardens for kids"

prograss sponsored their first ever "gardens-for-kids" event at concord elementary school in milwaukie on tuesday and wednesday of this week.

despite the hail storms and monsoon rains that visited the area, the event seemed to be a big success! not only will the kids learn the responsibilities of keeping up their own classroom gardens, but they will get to eat their very own herb and veggie goodies that will be used in the school cafeteria for lunches!

on the drive out to the school, heather and i were discussing the exciting news of the oregonian sending a photographer out to capture the action. in this discussion we took a vote and came to the conclusion that a photo is worth a thousand words. so here are one thousand words captured in the frame of goodness posted below.
courtesy of pizza shmizza off of highway 99


fridays in the office are usually really tough.

a couple of weeks ago we went to nordstrom (and i think we all remember about that day...)

week before last we played dress up with the wigs

and last friday sean toasted to the success of yet another r/west anniversary party giving props to us wonderful party coordinators over here in the pr quarters.

toasting may not seem like a hard thing...but it actually is because we had to sip this fancy stuff...

and this fancy stuff is not the easiest to sip. it's a little like sipping on nail polish remover. really really expensive nail polish remover.

julieanna put it in her passion iced tea from starbucks. innovative i tell you...she's pretty much always on top of the latest and greatest ideas for makin' it happen! don't feel like doing something {drinking the patron}...switch it up and get'er done {pour it in the tea}

or we do it heather's way. we dedicate ourselves, commit and dominate the task at hand

here we are.

we also learned where r/west keeps the awards. in a really really safe spot.

in a stack next to the safe in the middle of sean's office floor.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PR Wins Again....

We celebrated our 11th agency anniversary last night at a rockin' party at Rocket. One of the many highlights was a battle dance-off between the PR department and the interactive department....we sent in our strongest - account coordinator Kendall - who danced her ass off in order to take down the interactive department director John Gentle. John held his own, but was no match for our Kendall proving she is not only a PR superstar, but a dancing machine queen! So proud I am. Now I just hope Kendall is proud of this blog post - my first EVER!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Just a shout out to all you R/West PR fans out there (I know there are millions of you hiding somewhere...)

One person we're a huge fan of is Mr. Ed Begeley Jr. What a hunk (seriously) and just the nicest man you'll ever meet. Kendall and I had the huge honor of giving Ed a ride from his appearance at AMNW to his son's house. It was the greenest 15 minutes of our lives. ;-)

In all seriousness though, let's try to do something green in honor of Mother Earth today. For example, try not to print a crapload of emails, powerpoint presentations or whatever (and if you must, go double-sided people!) Also, don't forget you're not supposed to recycle plastic bottle caps (they end up in the tummies of baby sea animals like super cute seals and turtles... boo.) And turn off your computers (and power strips) when you leave the office.

We heart you Ed Begley Jr.!


Monday, April 21, 2008 infomercials

in keeping with the trend to raise awareness among the younger folks and find out what teens and college students are looking for to find themselves with fabulous gorgeous clear skin...we organized another focus group for OAT - our client (oregon aesthetic technology...) they are launching a new skin care line in may that goes by ANSR...and if you haven't heard about it, learn about it...we're pretty certain it's about to change the lives of everyone. especially those who suffer from ache. get a bunch of boys in the same place at the same time to watch an infomercial they knew nothing about...probably it was as hard to do as it sounds...however us r/westy pr girls, we make it happen! and what better way to get 15 college aged boys in the same place at the same time then to yell the words "free pizza"

they came! they ate...they watched...and most importantly they were interested! as well as helpful... it.

r/west turns 11 - part 1

probably part 2 will come on wednesday...

the party is tomorrow.

and until now we have done really good secret keeping as to what will be going on at the party. the pr department was named the designated party planning group a few months living up to our title we have been creatively trying to coordinate one of the best birthday parties r/west has ever seen.

not to give-a-way too much of the special decoration that will be beautifying the hot spot will be these...

they are fabulous and gorgeous and we had to try them on to make sure they would work...

yup. they are perfect.

the more detailed description...

as promised, here is a more detailed description to why we must park on the streets.

one day the places we used to park belonged to this guy who owned a part of our building...on another day he decided to sell his part...that meant parking lot = sold. and the end results mean...get ur cars on the street out of the lot and start praying you wont get parking tickets everyday. mind you the spaces around our office are all one - two hour parking spots...and unless you have a zone parking pass your kind of outta luck.

fortunately some zone passes were scrounged up...but something else is that they are not doing much good because now where we are suppose to be parking our cars, weekend parties, bbqs and campouts are being held.

currently there are now three spots being occupied.
also something is please notice the balloons? and the small grill...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

officially playing welcome

this is the official post to welcome brittney on board into the family that is r-west pr girls.

so everyone meet her.

she is awesome.
also something that usually makes you official are these.

those are her fancy business cards.

one thing about the 4 of us is that we all share an office...and pretty much our office is lots of fun because it smells like fancy vanilla candles, we all have gorgeous computer screens, we listen to bumbin tunes, we buy wigs online, and most of the people in the office do secret lunches...not everyone...but most...the rest get cookies.

welcome brittney! i hope you love it as much as we do :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

important things

we drive lots. we drive to clients. we drive to maryhill. we drive to meetings. we drive to the mall...we do lots of fun adventures and see lots of different things.

some of the things we see are these...(aka really fancy fashion)

some of the places we park are these...(recently we had our parking lot taken away from us...a more detailed description to come...)

sometimes they are skinny places and we can't get so close to the curbs...

and the most important thing is sometimes we wish we never knew about these things...(if it was appropriate there would be a picture of a dude in the stairwell of lloyd center parking structure being nasty...) i'm pretty sure girls shouldn't have to see gross guys being nasty in public when they go to research skin care at nordstroms for their clients. but our tolerance for weird randomness has grown...and not much surprises us these days...welcome brittney, to r-west! apparently we now have "rush" for our new employees...

Friday, April 11, 2008

how we do media lunches

basically julieanna rocks. she landed this awesome client. mercato. learn about them.

their grand opening was last night and it was awesome.

wednesday she planned, organized and scheduled a media lunch.

take a looksie at her amazing awesomeness.

one thing about working is that sometimes...even if its the best kind of job ever. sometimes it gets stressful...

vino that shit, bitches! it's all about working on the "social" aspects of media right? being social is in...and the best way to be social is to wine about it...

this is me wining...

this is heather socializing...

and this is the car we saw on the way home...

welcome to our world...where faded isn't a shade of color...tigerbeats aren't found at the zoo...and "what time is it.." isn't asked when looking for lunch but rather sung when learning we get to pitch writers about lasers and moisturizers...