Thursday, July 31, 2008


What happens when your coworker who's relatively new to the working world and PR comes to work and tells you that they want to get our Franz Bakery client on the Food Network's Unwrapped show?....You get really excited and treat them to a hot pink recorder at New Seasons (and that's Brittney with the cool blue recorder...she also got one because she totally rocks too!).

This is not just about Franz and this big time show. This is about scouting out opportunities for your clients all the matter what you're reading, watching, surfing, etc...most PR newbie just do what other people tell them, but when you're smart and start to get experience under your belt you start coming up with the ideas and telling your account managers what is up. Too many account coordinators are lazy and just blow through there to do lists to they can cross shit off their list. And guess what!?!...They do crappy work.

I'm SO proud of everyone on R/West's PR team because they are better than that. They think big and go big which is why this little four person PR department does big things for our clients. Stay tuned on the Unwrapped success. There is a pair of fancy new designer jeans in it for Kendall if she lands this...I should probably say WHEN she lands this because she's already got a feature in Sunset Magazine in the works...and she can play the Jaws theme song on her new recorder out for this one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BridgePort Brewery is at it again!

BridgePort Brewery has bottled and released its latest and greatest in the 22-ounce Big Brew series. This time it is an Imperial IPA...

Hop Czar!
It is a triple-hopped bottle-conditioned, Imperial-style IPA that carries a deep malt background with enthusiastic citrus and floral notes paired with high hop bitterness. This 22-ounce Big Brew is a blend of copious amounts of Nugget, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops.

To get a taste of BridgePort’s Hop Czar Ale take a trip to BridgePort's brewpub + bakery, the BridgePort Ale House or select bars and restaurants around Portland including Park Kitchen, Horse Brass, El Gaucho, Higgin’s, and Slowbar. With 2,350 cases produced, this limited edition brew will also be sold at retail grocery stores throughout Oregon and Washington while supplies last.

BridgePort’s Hop Czar Stats:
IBU’s: 100
ABV: 8%
Color: Deep Golden

Take a look at the pictures from bottling!

to read more about Hop Czar click on the blog sites below!
Guest On Tap
Bottling Pics on flickr

So go enjoy a taste of Hop Czar and be sure to report back and let us know what you think!
Also BridgePort Brewery is now an official member of Twitter...Follow us (bridgeportbrew) to stay updated on the latest and greatest going on at the brewery!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's late July already? WTF?


So this is JulieAnna and I definitely get a big fat F for my summer blogging efforts. So what have I been up to (since I'm sure a hundred people are awaiting my updates with bated breathe)?

Well, I embarked on a multi-city, 2 week media tour with the Game Factory, publisher of family-friendly and casual video games. We met with media in New York, LA and San Diego to promote a bunch of cool new games that are launching this fall.

The first is called Zenses and we've been describing it as a "mini spa vacay for the brain," which seems to be working. It's probably the coolest thing I've ever pitched and I'm definitely addicted to the game. Heather is actually meeting with a mommy blogger in P-town right now to give her a demo. Fingers crossed she digs it too.

LA Times' blogger and tech writer Alex Pham got a kick out of it and blogged about it in July... check it out.

The other games are Build-A-Bear-Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons (they love their puns over there at BABW corporate!) This is a party game for the Wii and will hopefully be appearing in some parenting and family mags come this fall... holiday gift guides here we come!

Finally, the last game coming out is called Rubik's World and it will take players inside the iconic Rubik's Cube (an 80s geek fave). Rubik's will be available for the Nintendo Wii and DS (both games will be different).

To officially kick off the game's pending launch, we are searching for the next "King of Cubicles" - a professional slacker who will get paid to literally waste company time. Check it out at Some funny vids up there already but we need more applicants! Stay tuned for some radio interviews with R/West's very own John Basso (creative genius behind this campaign) next week...

So I guess that probably doesn't even scratch the surface of what I've been up to on behalf of R/West PR for the summer so far, but it's a start (and hopefully will keep Kendall satisfied for the week!) My tummy's growling so that must mean it's time to head home...

Peace out for now. J-LIT

Monday, July 14, 2008


don't even be grossed out about that word...and if you are, we don't even feel bad at all cause learn about how kendall had spent an entire day living in colon world...

first of all she is not a doctor so this task wasn't even easy. she had to use fancy words like colonoscopy and malignant and polyps and sigmoidoscopy and barium and fecal and occult and other things. NASTY... but learn about how the entire article was published in last friday's portland business journal! that's right the entire thing!!

check it out. thank you chris hyun, gastroenterologist from the portland clinic!

anyway, we now know everything about colons and colon if you need to learn about us. or the portland clinic.

Friday, July 11, 2008

toasty tootsies

So our favorite quote of the week goes something like this:
JulieAnna: “So Brittney, do you want to call Chris Brown, or do you want me to?”

After months of planning, preparing and overall just being excited, our time has finally come. Today, Jules will call Rhianna and tell her how to become fancy. Yes, that’s right, we are telling the stars how to achieve fancy, awesomeness!

Ok, we will share our secret if we must…drum roll please…

There it is boys and girls, the beautiful Sorel boots we can’t wait to get on Rhianna’s little tootsies.

Updating the stars on the newest and most fabulous is one of our most favorite pastimes…and if she says yes, you better believe we will do a happy dance!!! Someone get the HSM soundtrack ready…


this office is full of love for our favorite stuff

we love high school musical. we love rubix cubes. we love unicorns. we love hannah montana eight balls. we love omgs. we love candles. we love sour patch kids. we love bratz pony purses. we love so you think you can dance you tube videos.

but rating in the top love of all loves are our nintendos.

wiis are very fancy because you can do lots of things with them. you can party like a rockstar on guitar hero. you can become a skinny bitch with the wii fit. you can practice for so you think you can dance on the DDR. wii games even make great wedding presents cause learn about heathers new game called mario cart that has its very own steering wheel! basically wiis are awesome

magazines...magazines..and more magazines...

we read. it's what we do.

we read everything.

we read about gardens and flowers. we read about wine and beer. we read about colleges and health care. we read about food and restaurants. we read about nintendos and games. we read about acne and we read about boots with the fur. oh and yes celebrity gossip is also very important work so we read about that too...

all this reading means lots and lots of magazines...and most of the time completely unorganized piles of ridiculousness.

learn about today being the day that we are caught up on organization! all the magazine holders have been bought, labeled, filled and alphabetized!
this task deserved a shout out...

and if blogs had the ability for confetti, streamers, exploding fireworks, sirens and shots of duck farts that would all be happening right now.

family birthday parties

it is important for us to celebrate birthdays around here because each of these days marks the special moment that 1 of the 4 fancy pr girls was born!

and when fancy is born. celebrations are a must.

and let us tell you about how good we are at celebrations...we celebrate placements in vogue with high school musical kareoke...we celebrate 1-year anniversaries with fancy drinks and haiku poems (thank julieanna...and i so wish we had that on recording)...we celebrate other anniversaries with stunner shades and punk when it comes to birthdays? we dominate.

a little overdue...but definitely in need of a post...

may marks the month that fifty percent of what makes up the amazing family of r/west pr fantasticness was born.

happy birthday heather and kendall!

and thank you julieanna and brittney for making us feel so special!

our delicious treats!

our awesome presents! - fancy flowers, champagne and raspberries and awesome gifts! (learn about the margarita maker!)

happy hour at mint!

and special thanks to sean -- sometimes being fancy and awesome requires sponsorship...the dollar kind.

family birthdays are the best!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

tiger beat

our favorite magazine to date...

hands down goes to tiger beat.

we realize that is a huge statement to make considering we are in pr and spend our lives reading magazines. i'm pretty sure we would all agree that we are suckers for the celebrity dramas in the us weekly and in touch...can't get enough of the fancy dresses and adorable accessories in the latest instyle...but here at the r/west us pr girls do the happy dance when the monthly issue of tiger beat is found sitting in kendall's mailbox.

and mostly because of the part that is called the "omgs"

let us tell you about these.

the "omgs" mean that we all sit around and listen to heather read to us.

if you don't know about the "omgs" well pick up the next issue of it and learn about them...cause they are awesome...also learn about game factory nintendo ds give-a-ways. and how heather's awesomeness got the jonas brothers to sign a pink nintendo ds and have them do a give-a-way with game factory's strawberry shortcake ds game!

keep your eyes open for selena gomez and the give-a-way coming up with game factory's build-a-bear nintendo ds game!

franz is on the go with joe!

we have fallen guilty of the blogger plague. the kind that strikes those when they go on too many media tours, have to call chris brown, get married, or are busy writing about colons...basically we have fallen guilty of the "too busy to blog" crime. and it's time to get it together because dude we have a lot to say!

so first things follow up our little franz tour (and last post) franz and their grilling days promotion spent a morning with joe v from kptv's channel 12 news! the morning was a huge success!!

may 15th kicked off the beginning of a summer long promotion that included franz bakery giving away 11 deluxe traeger barbecue grills to participants who entered to win their very own grill at the Franz Bakery Website.

probably you want to know franz and their buns right? learn about how franz has been around for 102 years, how they bake over 1.3 million buns each day!! they bake every fast food restaurants buns in the pacific northwest (except mcdonalds)...burgerville, burger king, wendys...basically you name it they make it! also learn about how they bake kirkland brand (costco) breads...and other retail store names.

how can we not get franz such awesome coverage when they are so cool!

the morning started off early. the kind of early where it feels like sand is scratching your eyes when you try and blink. but mostly heather was kind enough to bring loads of coffee for the crew and the morning went off with a bang!
brittney and julieanna, hard at work

and we have the lovely chef (and co-worker here at r/west) john basso waiting for his big debut with mike the camera man!

take a peak at the final segment of our morning show.