Friday, July 11, 2008

magazines...magazines..and more magazines...

we read. it's what we do.

we read everything.

we read about gardens and flowers. we read about wine and beer. we read about colleges and health care. we read about food and restaurants. we read about nintendos and games. we read about acne and we read about boots with the fur. oh and yes celebrity gossip is also very important work so we read about that too...

all this reading means lots and lots of magazines...and most of the time completely unorganized piles of ridiculousness.

learn about today being the day that we are caught up on organization! all the magazine holders have been bought, labeled, filled and alphabetized!
this task deserved a shout out...

and if blogs had the ability for confetti, streamers, exploding fireworks, sirens and shots of duck farts that would all be happening right now.

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