Friday, July 11, 2008

toasty tootsies

So our favorite quote of the week goes something like this:
JulieAnna: “So Brittney, do you want to call Chris Brown, or do you want me to?”

After months of planning, preparing and overall just being excited, our time has finally come. Today, Jules will call Rhianna and tell her how to become fancy. Yes, that’s right, we are telling the stars how to achieve fancy, awesomeness!

Ok, we will share our secret if we must…drum roll please…

There it is boys and girls, the beautiful Sorel boots we can’t wait to get on Rhianna’s little tootsies.

Updating the stars on the newest and most fabulous is one of our most favorite pastimes…and if she says yes, you better believe we will do a happy dance!!! Someone get the HSM soundtrack ready…

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