Friday, July 11, 2008

family birthday parties

it is important for us to celebrate birthdays around here because each of these days marks the special moment that 1 of the 4 fancy pr girls was born!

and when fancy is born. celebrations are a must.

and let us tell you about how good we are at celebrations...we celebrate placements in vogue with high school musical kareoke...we celebrate 1-year anniversaries with fancy drinks and haiku poems (thank julieanna...and i so wish we had that on recording)...we celebrate other anniversaries with stunner shades and punk when it comes to birthdays? we dominate.

a little overdue...but definitely in need of a post...

may marks the month that fifty percent of what makes up the amazing family of r/west pr fantasticness was born.

happy birthday heather and kendall!

and thank you julieanna and brittney for making us feel so special!

our delicious treats!

our awesome presents! - fancy flowers, champagne and raspberries and awesome gifts! (learn about the margarita maker!)

happy hour at mint!

and special thanks to sean -- sometimes being fancy and awesome requires sponsorship...the dollar kind.

family birthdays are the best!

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