Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Working at a full-service marketing agency, integration is something we hear about a lot. We're constantly improving our processes for our clients, by working to bring/keep all of our departments in the loop. So in the spirit of integration, the PR team has given up our fabulous little blog, and upgraded to a full-agency blog: R/West Blog

Hopefully you'll enjoy hearing from the rest of our agency, and maybe, just maybe we can keep this new blog a little more up to date than this one!

We hope you'll all join us and get to know everyone at the agency just a little bit better!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We've been a little busy...

Sorry about our posting tardiness (at this point I don't even think you can call it tardiness) but we've been a tad busy...since Christmas! We have so much to tell you...many adventures (Molly was pretty much out of the office traveling for the past two months), events and new things to share! Hopefully you’ve been keeping an eye on our tweets in the meantime...we are just a tiny bit better at sharing there.

Let’s see, where should we start...

Early this spring we worked on the Better Living Show, the largest sustainable lifestyle show in the northwest, where we had Drew Carney and Joe V. out to visit. They were able to meet Larry the Lightblub, Clifford the Big Red Dog and even a gigantic pear. Good times had by all!

Then Kooza came to town, so it was time for the Cirque du Soleil tent to go up! What a process...here we are in our hard hats (pretty sure highlighter yellow is not our color.)We hope you got the chance to see this amazing show while it was here - we have nothing but outstanding things to say about it, and heard only great things from everyone else who went! If you ever get the opportunity to see a Cirque show, we definitely recommend it!  

At the beginning of April, it was wine time! We worked with the North Willamette Vintners on their huge Wine Trail event - 21 wineries all hosted fun activities and yummy wine for a whole weekend. Be on the lookout for this next year - believe us, you don't want to miss it! Here's a pic of Chloe from KPDX enjoying a barrel tasting at Montinore Estate!

After all of the local events, we thought it might be nice to do some traveling! The Simple crew headed to the crazy city for a media tour, to show off their fancy new shoes. Molly then continued her travels with Simple's Green Bomb tour, with a stop in Austin, and yet another NYC adventure! Yes, she's a traveling lady!

Then it was time for the Sorel team to head to the Big Apple for a media tour and VIP cocktail party, to show off some sweet boots. While in NYC, Brittney and JulieAnna even got a chance to meet the cast of the Today Show (they were all incredibly sweet, by the way!)

Then it was time to celebrate. BridgePort just launched its third Stumptown Tart, and this little lady packs a punch! She's a framboise with Oregon raspberries, and of course we had pinup model Bernie at the Stumptown release party - how could it be a Stumptown beer without her?! Ali and Emily had to get a pic with her in their special Tart t's, cute!

Now that we've given you the lowdown on all we've been up to (trust us there's more, but this is the fun stuff!), we hope that you'll believe us when we say we've been busy! And because of that business, we've even added two new team members to the mix! Alison joined us from Lane PR, and is killing it in the social media world, and Emily is a student at Oregon (go ducks!), and has been our little worker bee (see photo). Here's a new pic of the bunch!

Other updates include...Heather's little Olivia is getting so big!! Can you believe she's already 9 months old?! We'll post a pic in our next update! JulieAnna is currently hanging out in Italy, sipping wine and enjoying her gelato - and she's there for a month - needless to say we aren't talking to her right now, and it's not just because of the international calling charges. And Brittney got engaged on Christmas and is planning her wedding for this August...hoping she doesn't go too crazy before then!

Wheeew...feels good to get that all out there! It's good to be back, we've missed you!