Thursday, July 10, 2008

franz is on the go with joe!

we have fallen guilty of the blogger plague. the kind that strikes those when they go on too many media tours, have to call chris brown, get married, or are busy writing about colons...basically we have fallen guilty of the "too busy to blog" crime. and it's time to get it together because dude we have a lot to say!

so first things follow up our little franz tour (and last post) franz and their grilling days promotion spent a morning with joe v from kptv's channel 12 news! the morning was a huge success!!

may 15th kicked off the beginning of a summer long promotion that included franz bakery giving away 11 deluxe traeger barbecue grills to participants who entered to win their very own grill at the Franz Bakery Website.

probably you want to know franz and their buns right? learn about how franz has been around for 102 years, how they bake over 1.3 million buns each day!! they bake every fast food restaurants buns in the pacific northwest (except mcdonalds)...burgerville, burger king, wendys...basically you name it they make it! also learn about how they bake kirkland brand (costco) breads...and other retail store names.

how can we not get franz such awesome coverage when they are so cool!

the morning started off early. the kind of early where it feels like sand is scratching your eyes when you try and blink. but mostly heather was kind enough to bring loads of coffee for the crew and the morning went off with a bang!
brittney and julieanna, hard at work

and we have the lovely chef (and co-worker here at r/west) john basso waiting for his big debut with mike the camera man!

take a peak at the final segment of our morning show.

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