Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PR Wins Again....

We celebrated our 11th agency anniversary last night at a rockin' party at Rocket. One of the many highlights was a battle dance-off between the PR department and the interactive department....we sent in our strongest - account coordinator Kendall - who danced her ass off in order to take down the interactive department director John Gentle. John held his own, but was no match for our Kendall proving she is not only a PR superstar, but a dancing machine queen! So proud I am. Now I just hope Kendall is proud of this blog post - my first EVER!

1 comment:

ktownDNCR said...

proud i am!

that was fabulous!

i'm not certain how proud i am to admit that is me dancing in that photo...but i'll own up...takin one down for the team! word.