Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"gardens for kids"

prograss sponsored their first ever "gardens-for-kids" event at concord elementary school in milwaukie on tuesday and wednesday of this week.

despite the hail storms and monsoon rains that visited the area, the event seemed to be a big success! not only will the kids learn the responsibilities of keeping up their own classroom gardens, but they will get to eat their very own herb and veggie goodies that will be used in the school cafeteria for lunches!

on the drive out to the school, heather and i were discussing the exciting news of the oregonian sending a photographer out to capture the action. in this discussion we took a vote and came to the conclusion that a photo is worth a thousand words. so here are one thousand words captured in the frame of goodness posted below.
courtesy of pizza shmizza off of highway 99

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