Sunday, April 13, 2008

important things

we drive lots. we drive to clients. we drive to maryhill. we drive to meetings. we drive to the mall...we do lots of fun adventures and see lots of different things.

some of the things we see are these...(aka really fancy fashion)

some of the places we park are these...(recently we had our parking lot taken away from us...a more detailed description to come...)

sometimes they are skinny places and we can't get so close to the curbs...

and the most important thing is sometimes we wish we never knew about these things...(if it was appropriate there would be a picture of a dude in the stairwell of lloyd center parking structure being nasty...) i'm pretty sure girls shouldn't have to see gross guys being nasty in public when they go to research skin care at nordstroms for their clients. but our tolerance for weird randomness has grown...and not much surprises us these days...welcome brittney, to r-west! apparently we now have "rush" for our new employees...

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