Monday, April 21, 2008

the more detailed description...

as promised, here is a more detailed description to why we must park on the streets.

one day the places we used to park belonged to this guy who owned a part of our building...on another day he decided to sell his part...that meant parking lot = sold. and the end results mean...get ur cars on the street out of the lot and start praying you wont get parking tickets everyday. mind you the spaces around our office are all one - two hour parking spots...and unless you have a zone parking pass your kind of outta luck.

fortunately some zone passes were scrounged up...but something else is that they are not doing much good because now where we are suppose to be parking our cars, weekend parties, bbqs and campouts are being held.

currently there are now three spots being occupied.
also something is please notice the balloons? and the small grill...

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