Wednesday, April 30, 2008


fridays in the office are usually really tough.

a couple of weeks ago we went to nordstrom (and i think we all remember about that day...)

week before last we played dress up with the wigs

and last friday sean toasted to the success of yet another r/west anniversary party giving props to us wonderful party coordinators over here in the pr quarters.

toasting may not seem like a hard thing...but it actually is because we had to sip this fancy stuff...

and this fancy stuff is not the easiest to sip. it's a little like sipping on nail polish remover. really really expensive nail polish remover.

julieanna put it in her passion iced tea from starbucks. innovative i tell you...she's pretty much always on top of the latest and greatest ideas for makin' it happen! don't feel like doing something {drinking the patron}...switch it up and get'er done {pour it in the tea}

or we do it heather's way. we dedicate ourselves, commit and dominate the task at hand

here we are.

we also learned where r/west keeps the awards. in a really really safe spot.

in a stack next to the safe in the middle of sean's office floor.

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