Monday, April 21, 2008 infomercials

in keeping with the trend to raise awareness among the younger folks and find out what teens and college students are looking for to find themselves with fabulous gorgeous clear skin...we organized another focus group for OAT - our client (oregon aesthetic technology...) they are launching a new skin care line in may that goes by ANSR...and if you haven't heard about it, learn about it...we're pretty certain it's about to change the lives of everyone. especially those who suffer from ache. get a bunch of boys in the same place at the same time to watch an infomercial they knew nothing about...probably it was as hard to do as it sounds...however us r/westy pr girls, we make it happen! and what better way to get 15 college aged boys in the same place at the same time then to yell the words "free pizza"

they came! they ate...they watched...and most importantly they were interested! as well as helpful... it.

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