Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Acts of Clowness Takes Over Portland

It was a workday like any other for Molly and Ali. With excitement and uneasiness, they drove to the Courtyard Marriott at 4:30 a.m. and loaded up the Subaru with Tom and Lara, official Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus clowns, Their mission for the day: Spread Ringling Bros. cheer and unexpectedness across the city of Portland in anticipation of the circus coming to Portland Sept. 16-20. The clowns would be popping up around the city during the day in an event called Random Acts of Clowness—handing out freebies at Dutch Bros., Taco Del Mar, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at the Jamison Square park.

The day started out with a bang. Joe V. of KPTV joined the R/West circus clan at Dutch Bros. to spread the circus love. Over the course of two hours, over 170 free coffee drinks were served and given away by the clown couple. Customers were handed Ringling Bros. ticket coupons and official clown noses. Many arrived to Dutch Bros. already fitted with their own noses and couldn’t get enough of Joe V.’s whip cream incident! Hey, you never know what will happen with clowns around!

With a moment to powder their noses and scratch their heads, the clowns were off to hand out free kids meals at Taco Del Mar. Upon arrival, a family of true Hillsboro fans greeted the clowns with excitement and hunger for a free meal.

The day ended with lots of kids, sun block, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and sticky faces. Kids playing in the fountain at Jameson Square Park were intrigued by the clowns and even more excited to receive free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. There were little voices saying, “Mom! I want to go to the circus!” chiming throughout the park as parents watched their children with red clown noses playing in the fountain.

5:00 p.m.—Mission complete. At least until the circus train arrives in Portland, Sept. 14 with shows the 16-20!

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