Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorry...for leaving the toilet seat up, AGAIN!

Do you need to apologize for something, like the talking in rhyme all the time? Or because people just can't accept how awesome you are?

Do you have that one friend you've been playing phone tag with for three months, a boyfriend you ditched for girls' night, or a co-worker you need to do some kissing-up to? If you are anything like Nancy from the Seattle Times, you have plenty of apologizing to do!

If that's the case, have we got the perfect way for you to say "sorry!" - what better than a free taco?!

August 27th is Global Forgiveness Day, and Taco Del Mar is celebrating by letting you send a free e-card to those you need some forgiveness from. The forgiver can then redeem the e-card for a free taco, by taking it to their local, participating Taco Del Mar on August 27.

Check out to look at e-card options, and start sending them off to your friends, family or even complete strangers - now through the 27th.

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