Friday, September 11, 2009

Ron Tonkin Repaints Portland

Have you noticed a change downtown? Perhaps some new colors added to the corner of SW 2nd Avenue and Washington St. by the Morrison Bridge?

Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships has teamed up with local commercial artist, Howell Golson, to repaint a mural in downtown Portland. The previous Cherub mural, painted eight years ago, now displays a fresh and colorful depiction of “For the Love of Cars.”

The inspiration behind the mural comes from a place that lives and breathes a love of cars.

“A car is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. People love their cars, and often see them as an extension of themselves, even as a member of the family. And we love helping people find that perfect car, a car they love. We are looking forward to revealing the new mural, and hope Portlanders will appreciate this beautiful addition to our city.”—Brad Tonkin.

Commercial artist Howell Golson was chosen to create this message. “This mural obviously has to create emotion around owning a car, but I also felt the piece should elicit feelings of pride for citizens of Portland, along with Tonkin’s connection and history with the city.” Golson’s work includes projects for Cartoon Network, Newman’s Own, and Portland’s BridgePort Brewing Company.

Check out the mural's progress:

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kevin fitz said...

just walked by this mural again, only this time I took an extra close look at the mural. It's just so damn incredible!