Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's hot in 2009?

Zenses! Jane Buckingham from the Intelligence Group, New York Times and Cosmopolitan magazine says 2009 is all about "peaceful" gaming. That's right. Put away your Halo 3 ladies 'cuz it's all about the zen this year...

Check out Jane's "trend" segment on Good Morning America, which aired on New Year's Day.

Congrats to our wonderful client, video game publisher, The Game Factory for the excellent coverage. Way to start the New Year off with a bang (your PR team is going to have to work EXTRA hard to raise that bar). ;-)

If you haven't, check out Zenses on Amazon.com. Or you could enter to win your very own copy through the Family Review Network of mommy blogs.

Until next time, keep on gaming... and tell us what you think about the game!

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