Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet the Sword Licker

So we have a newly crowned King of Cubicles. Mr. Joel Moss Levinson.

Check out his hilarious video resume aptly titled "I Will Protect You From Dragons." Actually, that title is not really apt. But we love it!

The King of Cubicles contest kicked off this past summer and challenged slackers everywhere to put their worst foot forward to win the title of King. All of this hooplah is in celebration of the new Game Factory Nintendo Wii and DS game, Rubik's World. A super awesome game about everyone's favorite cube.

As the new King, Joel has won his very own Nintendo Wii console & games from The Game Factory (including Rubik's World, natch), new fancy business cards that read "Joel Moss Levinson - King of Cubicles" and...drum roll please... his very own Smart Car. The preferred vehicle for a ladies' man like Joel.

We had the pleasure of actually meeting Joel when he decided to drop by R/West after getting the good news. It was meant to be!

So check out Joel's blog & obviously the R/West PR Girls Central to keep up with Mr. KOC and his latest happenings... We're looking forward to seeing what he can do with his new title and fancy car!

Joel (on the right) with R/Westies Johnny B and Cassandra.

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