Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obsessed with Tech? Prove it!

Our client Ciao.com today launched a supercool contest.

We are looking for the world's biggest electronophiles (read: people totally obsessed with technology, a la Kip Dynamite). The three winners will be selected for their ability to demonstrate their extreme love of their favorite gadgets via video or text reviews on Ciao.com.

Ciao.com is an online shopping community that pays members for their honest reviews of anything from cell phones to laptops to movies, video games and everything in between.

The Electronophile contest officially kicked off today and will last through the end of October. The only rule? You have to put the word "electronophile" in your review title so we can find you.

Go here for contest details and to get started reviewing your fave gadgets - immediately! Did I mention cool prizes? You can win a Nintendo DS, Sony Cybershot Camera or Apple iPod Touch if you're selected as one of the three final "Electronophiles".

Check out this video detailing the contest (yes, that is me and Kendall in our first YouTube debut...well not counting the eROI karaoke contest last summer.) Enjoy and good luck!


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