Monday, September 15, 2008

Le Tour des Plants...on TV BABY!

Soooooooo...for a few months now we have been promoting one of our clients', the Oregon Association of Nurseries, event Le Tour des Plants.

We did stuff like:
made them a twitter (follow them!)
made them a facebook
and best of all...the BLOG! which is totally cute, totally fancy...and has all the latest and greatest posted!!

Well, finally after months of prep, press releases, pitching and blogging...the event totally kicked off this past Saturday!!

and word on the street is, it's going fantastically!!

and guess what? I am totally going to blame part of that success on the fact that I got to go hang out with Drew Carney from KGW Friday morning...not going to lie, our little pr fam here at the office is kind of a huge fan of even though waking up at 3:30 am. on a friday. in the dark. the freezing cold dark. to drive far. is basically kind of barf??...being able to play on the set of "Out and About" with Drew kind of makes it all a little more tolerable :)

At any rate, we were out at Smith Berry Barn in Hillsboro bright and early Friday morning. Like 4:30am early to talk all about Le Tour, the berry barn, apples, apple trees, carmeled apples, plants, bbqs, seminars and other cool how there are over 50 garden centers located from Woodland, WA all the way down to Eugene, OR, involved in the tour...

here are some pics from the morning:

...and in case you missed the show, here is a clip!!

you can check out the rest on our R/West facebook page!!

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