Friday, November 6, 2009

The Wonderful World of Disney

Before the ice had set and before the skates were sharpened, Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy was given a kings welcome at the R/West offices.

To help gear up for the opening night ahead of us, the PR squad blasted such favorites from our childhood throughout the halls including, but not limited to:

Molly and Ali took off for opening night interviews and media at the Rose Garden. We were pleasantly surprised with FANTASTIC seats and quickly learned that front row seats can also equal awkward moments of eye-contact with the skaters. I'd never been that close to a hyena or giraffe in my entire life!

The next morning was an early one. As noted on previous R/West posts - The early morning PR bird gets the worm- that's the saying, right? A cast of 4 R/Westies joined a cast of 30+ Disney On Ice performers at 4:30am to start shooting for the two top local morning shows:

Out and A
bout with Drew Carney on KGW Channel 8 and...

On the Go With Joe
featuring Joe V. from KPTV Channel 12.

Brittney and I even got to get in on the action - I mean who wouldn't want a picture with Flounder and Sebastian?

The afternoon was filled with a lovely event planned alongside the FABULOUS folk from Special Olympics Oregon. We were able to set-up a skate clinic with stars from
Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy at the Rose Garden with athletes and their friends/family. Ten Special Olympics Oregon athletes were able to make it for the clinic and they were all smiles, all afternoon. One athlete was so excited that she brought along a photo book of her Disney cruise hoping to reunite with her favorite characters.

We all agreed that the best part of this event was in seeing the faces of these girls (Yes, we couldn't persuade any boy athletes to attend) light up as they took the ice.

The athletes and skaters were then escorted to a private suite where they met the world's favorite mice - Mickey and Minnie of course!

All in all, a great year for Disney On Ice. Can't wait to put on the ol' skates this winter and see if I can try one of those triple axle things- doesn't look too hard...

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