Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My new wheels!!!

How do you like my new set of wheels?! Pretty awesome right...this is me sitting in my new Ferrari California, because that's how we roll here at R/West!

Ok, so by "my new set of wheels" I might mean "my new obsession/first thing on my Christmas list..." I'm pretty sure it was made for me, that leather seat fit like a glove, and getting out of the driver's seat was one of the most difficult things I've ever done... The Ferrari California is Ferrari's new addition to the family, coming out in 2010. This is the only one in Oregon, and it's currently sitting in the showroom at Ron Tonkin's Gran Turismo dealership (the oldest Ferrari dealership in the country, mind you.)

You might be asking why in the heck did I get to sit in the fastest (speedometer tops out at 220), most beautiful thing you've ever laid eyes on...and here's why: Yesterday Gran Turismo hosted it's 10th Annual Track Day at Portland International Raceway, where customers were invited to bring their own fast, fancy cars and race them at top speeds (under professional supervision/instruction of course!)

Danyel and I started out the morning bright and early with Drew Carney of KGW's LIVE at Sunrise, at the Gran Turismo store. That is where we got to drool over these amazing cars, learn about the dealership and even watch Drew drive this beauty. (Believe me, we were all holding our breath as the drove away in this $225,000 car...mic in one hand, wheel in other - after just announcing that he didn't know how to drive a stick!!) Let's just say it was an entertaining morning with Drew!

Then it was off to the races - we headed out to PIR where we spent a beautiful day in the sun watching fast, gorgeous Ferraris, Maseratis, Lotuses, Porsches, (insert anything fast, expensive and amazing here) cruise around the track at 150 mph!! Those babies could haul! All drivers had to take an instruction course with Pro Drive and then were able to drive with a professional in the passenger seat. Helmets were also required driving/riding accessories...always safety first on the track!

There were a few pros (like Steve and Art from the dealership) who could take passengers out in the California and Ed Tonkin's personal Porsche. And yes, I was lucky enough to be taken on a very fast, very exciting ride in that cute little blue Porsche (thanks Steve)!!! Yeah, I'm pretty sure I could own one of those too (Christmas list currently reads 1. Ferrari, 2. Porsche...)

Yesterday was definitely an adrenaline-packed, amazing day...and even though Danyel and I woke up at 3:30am (Drew - you know we'd do anything for you!) it was all completely worth it. And I'd probably get up that early every day if it meant I had the chance to ride in those amazing cars!

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