Tuesday, March 24, 2009

green is so hot right now

Hey everyone!

So the Better Living Show is this weekend at the Portland Expo Center. This is the Northwest's largest sustainable lifestyle show and we're super stoked to be helping spread the word for the second year in a row!!

We specifically wanted to tell y'all about an opportunity to win a green-style makeover, courtesy of the Better Living Show, KGW and the green style gurus at Greenloop and SEMPER Fashion.

So what does a green-style makeover entail exactly? The winner gets to choose a smashing new eco-friendly outfit from the Greenloop (check out their super cute green giraffe thermal hoodie) and get their hair and makeup did the environmentally friendly way, thanks to the styling geniuses over at Sidlab Hair Couture and Aveda.

For those of you who don't win the giveaway (sorry, there can be only one winner), you can still get chic without breaking the bank. The style mavens at Greenloop are hosting a special warehouse sale throughout the show, featuring the latest looks for Spring with discounts of up to 70%!!!

Still think being an eco-beauty means donning Birkenstocks and washing your hair with gross-smelling products? Then you need to check out SEMPER Fashion's "Getting Runway Ready" hair and makeup demonstrations at the Better Living Show. And don't miss the big finale every night of the Show (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) -- SEMPER will host 20-minute fashion shows featuring the latest eco-friendly runway looks. It's haute couture without contributing to global warming...

Can't make it to the show? You suck. Just kidding. ;-) Here are some tips we've learned recently for being an eco-stylista.
  1. Do your research. Can't pronounce most of the ingredients in your facewash, shampoo or foundation? That's one sign what's in the bottle could be harmful to the environment... Here's a great post from Best Eco Stuff on decoding what exactly P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE is (and don't worry, you don't have to put raw eggs in your hair...unless you're into that...we won't judge!)
  2. Follow the herd. Lots of publications and blogs publish beauty awards so you don't have to test every product on the shelf (which would not be eco-conscious!) Check out Women's Health readers fave green beauty products, including cult faves from Pangea Organics, Cargo and Dr. Hauschka
  3. Have fun with it! Being environmentally conscious doesn't mean you have to be totally serious all the time. Get the latest green gossip at Ecorazzi - from celebs still living in the stoneage wearing fur (you're busted Kanye's girlfriend -what's her name?)
  4. Embrace the herbs (not that kind)... Eco-Chick writes about some common herbs you can grow in your window sill that will make you pretty.
We'll share more tips (and photos!) after the Better Living Show next week. But in the meantime, tell us your fave way to be stylish while taking care of the environment (without breaking the bank of course)

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