Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something Awesome Happened At BridgePort Brewery...

So basically, one of our fabulous clients...BridgePort Brewery...tried something awesome a little over a year ago...most people refer to it as their 22-ounce Big Brew line...

But something about their latest and not only has a sick name - Raven Mad - but it also has a sick requires you to wear really awesome glasses and is all like hey check out these letters with those red and blue frames because I'm pretty sure they are in 3-D and oh yeah so is that bird down there...

...I'm sure most of you have seen if but if for some weird reason like you have been studying abroad and not in the country or you had a strange illness that caused you not to be able to enjoy the fabulousness that is beer and it made you so sad that you had to cut all communication off with the bridgeport beer world (...and yes that means no blog reading, no twitter following, not even kbeer listening to on the website...) and you have yet to see the label...well here it is just for you!!!

YEAH, I know right!! Awesome!!

Here are some pics from bottling day...

and also, other's think that the brew is if I'm not convincing enough to get you to run out and grab yourself a bottle to these...they might help.
Oregonian - John Foyston
Beer Northwest

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